(Facebook) Friends in All Places

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Businesses are turning to Facebook to grow their online presence and by doing so are opening their doors to an even wider fan base. Facebook has the layout, design, and boosting ability to allow your business to shine in the social media world. Benefits of appearing on Facebook range from greater exposure to an altogether new client base. That being said, are YOU on Facebook yet?

Facebook has a user range of all ages and demographics, making it the perfect tool in your marketing toolbox.

You can reach new and existing clients, build your brand even stronger, showcase your services and launch your business into ‘real time’ by posting on a daily basis. Facebook allows for you to post information your customers may not learn about through regular advertising. Any time you have an event, special sale, or new product, you can instantly alert the online public.

Sometimes establishing a client base can be one of the toughest things about running a business in a small market/town. In an environment where word of mouth is king, a Facebook presence allows you to build a profile in the eyes of customers you’ve never served. Our client, Animal Care Clinic – a veterinarian clinic in Bemidji, MN, is a great example of how a properly run Facebook business page can help you. With fun, inviting photos, numerous great reviews, and consistent informative posting, Animal Care Clinic has amassed nearly 1,400 followers who like, share, and tag Animal Care Clinic in photos with their furry friends daily. Animal Care Clinic is more than just a veterinary practice you visit once every 6 months to a year. It’s a warm, inviting place that shares funny dog memes and offers weekly pet tips.

It’s a business that values connecting with the customer on every level

A simple Facebook page allows for a broadened audience that blows word of mouth out of the water. Add in a drop of weekly interaction and you have a recipe for growth on any level

Boosting a post allows you to take a post, perhaps of a special event coming up, and ‘boost’ it to a specific demographic who would best benefit from your business. You can choose age range, location, interests and so much more. This is a paid feature but can really get the word out fast and to the right people. Boosting is a surefire way to reach the current and new customers you want to walk through your business doors. The best part of boosting a post? It’s super easy to use and a great avenue to use your advertising dollars.

Facebook is a great way to reach and gain followers, it’s also easy to use and understand. Word to the wise, however, you must keep up with your posts or people online may forget you’re out there. Keeping your information updated and correct will allow your business to stay in the forefront of your customer’s mind. Try posting at least once a day and making sure it’s relevant to your business. If you are looking to increase your exposure, but are unsure how to start, contact Pinnacle Marketing Group today for all your marketing and advertising needs.