Helping Us Help You

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Every website client at Pinnacle is assigned an Account Manager, but I can honestly say I think a lot of clients don’t understand what exactly an Account Manager does. It’s a pretty broad term that doesn’t really get into all the roles we play in the website process. As an Account Manager, daily tasks include writing content, creating/monitoring social media campaigns, and managing website updates. Essentially, our job is helping us help you to find out what you’re looking to achieve, whether it’s creating a more professional online profile or to drive in more business, and make it happen. We have the skills to get the job done, but the important thing to remember is that we have the client’s goals in mind every step of the way.

That being said, I think there are a few misconceptions about the relationship between an Account Manager and the client. Understandably, a lot of clients think that one 15-minute phone call can give us enough information to create the website of their dreams. The reality is, that’s just not true. When I’m creating content for a website, I want it to accurately represent my client as a businessman or woman. I want to tell a story and connect them to their potential customers. That is why when I sit down with a client for that first phone call, I shoot for a friendly conversation rather than a simple Q & A. If I’m your Account Manager, you and I are going to be communicating a lot, so I want to get to know you. A great client understands this and takes the time to get to know their Account Manager too.

Another misconception is that we can complete the process without any of your help. The truth is, the responsiveness of a client plays a huge role in how quickly we can get your website done or set up your online campaigns. Sometimes the process gets delayed because we have everything set up, we’re just waiting for the client to send in photos or approve some changes. A good client understands we only have their best interest in heart, you are helping us help you so we aren’t trying to bombard you with emails or voicemails.

When it comes down to it, the task of creating the website falls on the Account Manager. However, the best websites come from clients who communicate well, respond quickly, and invest their time and energy into the process as well. That way everybody wins.