How Can I Measure My Online Efforts?

How can you measure your online marketing results blog header

How do I know that my efforts for online advertising is not going to waste?

There are many tools and resources we can use to gauge how we are doing online. As time moves along, it is smart to keep track of the traffic coming to your website and social media platforms. This can help you learn of things that need to be worked on and then in return what you are doing right. For example, Facebook offers a great measuring tool for you to use that allows you to see which posts are attracting the most attention, how many people are following your posts and how many have viewed your other online platforms such as your website. Each social media site has their own variation of analytics that will be specific to your business account.

Another great asset for a small business is Google Analytics. Google Analytics can help you manage the traffic to your website, send out monthly emails to customers, observe the average session duration and even the system your audience is using on their mobile devices. This is an animal that you must have in your book of tricks. If you are a Google Analytics beginner, there are many tutorials that can help you set up your next account.

Marketing teams around the world have more data available at their fingertips to design and implement a winning online strategy. Take advantage of these awesome tools and data that is offered. Your online advertising efforts will show through by investing a little bit of your time on a regular basis.

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