How to Create Engaging Content

Content may be king, but only good content can reign in the fast-paced world of social media. Social media is a busy place with a growing number of businesses all fighting for your attention. So, what is good content? Anything that gets read, shared and used to make a purchase decision is considered content that is accomplishing the set goal.

Great content will enlighten the targeted audience by giving them information and details in order to understand your business brand better. The content will entertain your potential customers, captivating their attention and getting them interested in what it is your business is all about. Make sure your content is educational. You want to show or teach someone something they previously may not have known. Share a topic related to your services or products or “how-to” videos. After all, video is just as important in keeping your content fresh and on top of the competition. Also, make sure your content is emotional. Help bring to mind an emotional response to your business through the use of storytelling. Talk about where or how you started, how the business grew, what services you offer, and where you see the business going in the future.

Also, seek to find value in the content you provide to your audience. Whether it’s a quick sentence or a longer post, always keep in mind to relate it back to what you, as a business, can offer the consumer. And as far as how often to post, well, don’t just start something and leave it stranded alongside the road. Your customers want to hear from you. They want to know what’s new and exciting, if a new product or service is being offered, and what your business has been working on. Social media is the fastest moving web source out there. This is where you want your business to be found, but in order to be found and followed, you must keep that content fresh and exciting. If you are having difficulties with creating great content, contact Pinnacle Marketing Group. We are here to help businesses just like you!

About the author illustration for digital products specialist Holly Hedeen