Importance of Video Use in Marketing

Importance of video use in marketing blog description with image of a man holding a video camera

Videos are a great way to capture the consumer’s attention. They have the potential to reach more people, are easily shared, and help people retain information better. Video marketing is like steak, when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. They are a great way to build trust and show off the brand personality. Here is why you should be using videos for marketing your business.

Potential to Reach More People: For one, search engines love videos. Videos are more engaging than a typical post. Videos entice more viewers with longer page views. A search engine will rank a video higher because it is more engaging content, and that is what they want on the top of a search engine page, engaging content. Videos are more likely to be shared, and in turn, generate more inbound links. When platforms have a higher SEO ranking, it will help you reach more people.

Videos are More Easily Retained: Why do you think so many people watch movies about a book, rather than read the book? It is easier to watch a movie. Same with video use in marketing. People don’t want to take the time to read a long post, they’d rather watch the video clip and have better recall of it because they are less likely to get distracted watching the video than reading the post. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video should be worth 10,000.

Videos are Attention Grabbing: There is a reason that TikTok has become so successful. Videos grab the user’s attention. The hardest part of making a video popular is getting a user to see the video. Once a user looks at the video, they will watch and retain the information from the video.  

Mobile Friendly: As the number of people with mobile devices continues to grow, so will mobile marketing. Videos are great in terms of mobile marketing because video content on mobile devices is generally viewed in full screen and can be watched on the go.  

Build Trust: Using video marketing to explain the company story helps bring a perspective of your business to the audience, explain who the brand is, and why it is there. Use the video to show off brand identity, mission, and goals. Another great way to build trust through video marketing is by sharing customer testimonials. These will help improve customer satisfaction and effectiveness. People love a good story and hearing a testimonial from customers makes for a great story, while ensuring how trustworthy the company is.

Differentiate yourself from competitors: Video marketing is a great way to show a business’s competitive advantages in the market and how the brand differentiates itself from the competitors. Use short video clips to show the benefits of using the company’s product or service compared to the competitors. Also, use it to let the people understand who the company is and what they stand for. When customers feel like they know the brand or company, they will feel more comfortable purchasing from them. With so many benefits to using video marketing, it is worth trying out. Use it to increase engagement, help customers retain information better, build trust, and differentiate the business from competitors. After all, video marketing is like steak, when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.