Preparing to Design a New Logo?

Thinking of designing a logo for your company? This can be a daunting task for any size business. The first step in creating a logo should be looking inward at your business.

Designing a new logo is the time to look at what your business stands for and to reflect on your core values. If your business has a mission statement, be sure to take that into consideration. Doing the background work before starting on a logo design helps you better understand what you need the logo to convey.

Come up with symbols or icons that tie into your company name or what your company does. Consider what you want to come to mind when consumers look at your logo. Each business will have its own specific needs depending on what they do and their branding goals. For example, Amazon wants to be known for two-day shipping, so it makes sense for them to highlight a feeling of quickness in their logo by incorporating an arrow.

Look at companies you are familiar with and analyze the logos they have. You might be surprised to notice the similarities across the board. A good logo is unique to the company, simple to look at, and conveys a message to the customer. Take Target for example, their logo is nothing abstract or overdesigned. It’s simple, easily recognizable, and conveys meaning.  A bullseye can also be called a target and when shopping at Target, they want the customer to feel like they’re hitting a bullseye.

Remember, Bigger isn’t Always Better

It’s easy to think as a new company sitting down to design a logo, that the more you can add into the logo and the bigger it is, the better it is. Think of the simplest ways you can convey your business and what you offer to your customers. Focus on the need you are meeting for your customers and how can you convey that in an easy to understand and unique way.

Brainstorm With Your Employees

Once you’ve done some work internally it’s a good idea to get the rest of your team on board. The employees live the company day in and day out. Give them the chance to brainstorm and they might come-up with something no one else had considered.

The Next Steps

Once you’ve done your internal work and have the feel for how well-designed logos look, it’s time to start coming up with concepts. If you choose to work with a marketing or design company, being able to provide information or ideas you have can jump start the creative process and help them come up with designs that fit your company. Remember, designers aren’t the ones running your business—you are. So, the more homework you’ve done internally the easier it is to explain what you need to someone external from the company. Having a professional and consistent logo creates a solid foundation for your marketing efforts. Contact the team at Pinnacle Marketing Group to get started on your new logo design today.