Reevaluating the Hiring Process

As the covid pandemic seemingly slows down, and with restrictions being lifted, many businesses have found themselves desperate for qualified employees. This is especially true in the hospitality and service industries, although many other careers like construction and the trades are finding it difficult to hire skilled employees. So, what does a business do in order to find the right employee post covid? Well, you might have to change the way you hire.

It’s easier to teach the skills than to change a personality. Hiring post covid may mean changing how you post a position, interview, and train someone to work in your establishment. Look for candidates whose values match that of your company’s community. Teaching the correct skills to do the job is much easier than it is hiring someone who may be more qualified, but who may have a different set of values that might not make them a good fit for your company. In a sense, you might be casting out a bigger net than you previously have in the past. There is a slow decline of the resume as more recruiters look beyond the experience and instead select candidates with the right attitude for your business profile. They may not have the skill set you were once looking for but instead have a willingness to learn.

You might feel the pressure to hire as fast as possible to fill those now empty positions, but you really need to slow down and consider being more strategic about how you rebuild your workforce. Maybe you moved to a more digital process. In that case, you may be looking for people who have a digital skillset or warehouse experience. These may be jobs you didn’t have a need for before the pandemic hit. Reevaluate what you as a business now require as opposed to what you once needed.

As businesses recover and begin to hire again, it’s important to remember that it’s time to put people at the heart of your hiring strategy. There’s a race for qualified and able employees, but make sure you’re recruiting the right type of individuals to help put you back on the map.

About the author illustration for digital products specialist Holly Hedeen