The Importance of Testimonials

We all read testimonials. Whether you’re shopping on Amazon, looking for a hotel to stay at during your vacation, or finding a restaurant to have a date night. Testimonials give us a sense of what to expect from whatever it is we are looking to spend money on. We want to have a great product, a magical place to stay, and a wonderful dining experience. But that’s not all a testimonial does. It also helps build trust and credibility between the customers and the business. Reputation is everything in business and without a testimonial, your business may get overlooked.

A testimonial is just as reputable as word of mouth. Have you ever eaten at a restaurant or purchased a product just because your friends and family recommended it? Testimonials recommend your business to the public eye and give insight into how the public may ‘see’ your business. Reviews, whether positive or negative, have a staggering weight on how consumers may view you and your services.

So how do you get those customer testimonials? It’s easier than you would think. Many come from follow-up emails. Make sure your business has an email signup form for your customers. This allows you to continue to interact with your customers and asking for a testimonial via email is the easiest way to obtain them. You can also ask for a testimonial at the time of purchase. Let your customers know that you would love to hear back from them. You’ll be surprised how many will follow through.

Now that you have your testimonials, how do you use them? The best place is your website homepage. Your homepage is the first impression a consumer has of your business and having positive testimonials on your homepage will add credibility to your services and products. You have a limited amount of time to keep the attention of your website visitor, so make use of that time wisely. You can also have your testimonials on your website products or service page. This can reinforce how great your services are and subtly reassures your customers that you are legit. Social Media is another example of great testimonial placement. Placing a testimonial on your social media platforms allows you to show the public how your current customers feel about you through a broader audience.

Testimonials are the gateway to gaining more customers. With the right placement, a testimonial can truly mean the difference between a new sale or pass by. They are positive feedback about how well your business is doing, and if you receive a negative one, they can be an opportunity for you to improve where you may be falling short. Either way, the testimonial is a powerful tool that can help your business to soar to new heights!