The Power of Words

Words have power - blog header

A single word holds the power to unlock any number of emotions; happy, sad, joyous, anger, curiosity. When choosing how to market your business, keep in mind how your words may affect your potential customers. Is your message new, uplifting, fresh, or are your phrases outdated, old, and tired?

It’s hard not to fall into the catch phrase pit, but think of what strikes a chord within you and use that as the message to your customers. Instead of “You’ve tried the rest now try the best” what if you said “You deserve outstanding service”. One is stating you’ve made a mistake, now it’s time to smarten up, while the other is saying that you already deserve the best.

Be clever. Ask your customer how they would describe your business. Use their experiences with your services to help come up with your marketing message. The more you use an emotional technique, the more people will pay attention to what you are saying about your services and products and why they should be doing business with you.

Just to break it down:

  1. Ask your customers how they would describe your business
  2. Send a positive message instead of a cliché
  3. Use thought provoking, emotional messaging

Your marketing message should be clear, to the point and unique to your business. Remember, words are a powerful tool to use to your advantage.