What to do with the Review

What to do with the review blog header

So, you’ve asked your customers for reviews, and they’ve started pouring in. You’re averaging 4+ stars, engaging with customer feedback, and building a great online platform. That’s great, but how can you take it a step further? Statistics don’t lie, and with a large number of potential sales banking on research, your customers shouldn’t have to go searching to find the feedback they’re looking for. Make it easy, and secure that sale by placing positive business reviews in plain sight. Here are some great ways to utilize reviews:

Social Media Posting: Looking for something to post this week? Create a simple graphic from a review and encourage others to share their opinions too. Posting a review gives your followers a chance to see that you value customer feedback and helps to create a personal connection between the business and the consumer.

Website Content: If a potential client is searching through your website it means they are evaluating whether or not they want to choose you for their product or service needs. After leaving your site, they may also explore Google or Facebook in search of feedback from past customers. Shorten their search and affirm their instincts by highlighting your best reviews on your website.

Employee Testimonials: Useful reviews come from more than just customers. Interview your employees and ask for feedback that can be used for filling new positions. Excite new potential employees by placing encouraging employee testimonials on job descriptions.

Advertising: Many businesses just choose the basics when it comes to creating a print ad or online ad campaign. With so much information available at their fingertips, most potential customers will look for some sort of feedback before completing the sale. Spice up your ad with a 5-star review or a testimonial to assure them they are making the correct decision.

With so many sites like Google, Angie’s List, Yelp, and Facebook offering a platform for customers to voice their opinions, reviews can pile in from all different directions. It is important that in whatever field you work in, you find any site your business may have been reviewed and collect this valuable feedback. If used properly, this information can be used to turn a lot of maybe’s into loyal customers.