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SEO related words on a blue background with a magnifying glass focused on the word SEO

SEO 101: What It Is, Why You Need It, and How to Do It Right

In today's digital age, establishing a robust online presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Among the ...
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Person holding phone with a live video on the screen with the phrase "Video: Short vs. Long Form" overlaid

Video: Short vs. Long Form

The use of video play a vital role in marketing and social media platforms. Where videos can range ...
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Circuit board with a large "AI" outlined in multiple colors with the phrase "Leveraging AI for Your Marketing" overlaid

Leveraging AI for Your Marketing

With the emergence of easily accessible AI tools such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, and many others, there has ...
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Colorful powered splashes on a black background with the text "Make a Splash with Your Marketing: 7 Strategies to Improve Your Marketing Efforts" overlaid

Make a Splash with Your Marketing

7 Strategies to Improve Your Marketing Efforts In today's competitive business landscape, standing out from the crowd is ...
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Domain Hosting vs. Web Hosting: Understanding the Key Differences

When it comes to establishing an online presence, it's essential to understand the differences between domain hosting and ...
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Websites: Best Practices for Success

Welcome to the world of websites, where digital success hinges on providing an exceptional user experience. In this ...
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The Hottest Online Advertising Trends You Can't Ignore in 2023 blog

The Hottest Online Advertising Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2023

Are you ready to take your online advertising strategy to the next level? It's time to start thinking ...
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Bent orange arrow surrounded by black arrows with words "When to use an alias versus a redirect?" overlayed

When to use an alias versus a redirect?

Aliases and redirects are both methods for directing users to a particular webpage or resource. However, there are ...
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Image of a person flying a drone with text Why do I need a certified drone pilot?

Why do I need a certified drone pilot?

We live in a technological age, and with that comes advancements in consumer electronics that everyone can use. ...
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Web Images and Optimization graphic

Web Images & Optimization

What's going on behind the scenes of website performance and ranking? Image optimization. Images have an impact on ...
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How to Audit Your Google Business Profile blog graphic

Audit Your Google Business Profile

Google My Business (GMB) has now changed to Google Business Profile (GBP). GBP is making it easier for ...
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Staying Connected Hybrid Office Working Blog graphic

Staying Connected

Staying Connected - Building Company Culture in the Hybrid/Remote Universe As more and more companies embrace remote work, ...
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Why We Use WordPress graphic

Why We Use WordPress

Why Use WordPress? Why do you use WordPress is a question we get asked almost daily. One would ...
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Building a Better Landing Page

Building a Better Landing Page

Let’s start with what is a landing page. A landing page is a specific page on your website ...
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Text "How Can I Measure My Online Efforts" with yellow background and yellow tape measure

How Can I Measure My Online Efforts?

How do I know that my efforts for online advertising is not going to waste? There are many ...
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Text "Ways to "Wow" Your Customers" with a red and cream/white comic book style graphic with yellow "Wow!" text

Ways to “Wow” Your Customers

It might seem insignificant but doing particular little things for your customers can really make a meaningful impact. ...
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"Why Video Is So Important To Your Website" with picture of a camera and male holding a couple pieces of paper and the background is blurred

Why Video Is So Important

According to Andrew Brown of Bluehost Blog, “Content is King” but when it comes to your website, trending ...
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Text "What Are Keywords?" with background image of a hand turning black and orange dial to 100% and larger 0 to 100% speedometer turned up to 100% completed to the right of dials

What Are Keywords?

We hear about them all the time. To have a successful website, you need to have the right ...
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Text "Preparing to design a new logo?" office worker at a desk sketching out a logo

Preparing to Design a New Logo?

Thinking of designing a logo for your company? This can be a daunting task for any size business. ...
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Text "Measuring Customer Satisfaction Using Reviews"

Measure Customer Satisfaction with Reviews

It’s easier to keep current customers than acquire new ones, but how do people keep current customers? They ...
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Text "Make Your Website Work for You" with blush pink background and graphic of a computer with a keyboard

Make Your Website Work for You

Have you ever gone to a website and instantly noticed how dated it looked? You probably didn’t trust ...
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Picture of a person scanning a QR code with their smartphone "How to use QR codes in your business"

How To Use QR Codes in Your Business

What are QR codes? QR codes create a seamless transition from the physical world (print) to the digital ...
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Note pad with "Rethink revise rebrand" and article title "Re-branding: a new year's resolution for your business"

Re-branding: A new year’s resolution for your business

Has the personality of your company outgrown your current brand? A rebrand could be the perfect New Year’s ...
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Text "Brand Vs. Branding" with a colorful sketched out graphic for developing what makes up a brand and branding

Brand vs. Branding

Having a Brand and Branding your company are two different things that can be a challenge to differentiate. ...
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"Four Common SEO Myths" header image

Four Common SEO Myths

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is shrouded in myths, mystery, and outdated methods. It can be difficult to keep ...
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"Tips for Improving Google Rankings" with photo of colorful balloons with one balloon on a pedestal

Tips for Improving Google Rankings

It can be difficult to know exactly what you should do in the eyes of Google in order ...
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"5 Tools to Audit & Monitor Your Website" graphic with smartphone, computer, and magnifying glass

5 Tools to Audit & Monitor Your Website

For your website to continue to bring in new and returning customers alike, it’s important to know where ...
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Woman using a computer in an office setting "Why hire a professtional marketing firm"

Why Hire a Professional Website/Marketing Firm?

We live in a world where everything is on the go and information is at our fingertips. For ...
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Text "What is Google Screened and Should I Use It?"

What is Google Screened, and should I use it?

The Google Screened badge is another way you can show potential clients that your business provides the highest ...
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"Taking Care of Your Website" graphic

Taking Care of Your Website

You’ve had a website for a few years now and you’ve noticed there’s been less traffic. How do ...
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Text "Google Continues Scroll What Does It Mean For Your Website? with female person holding their smartphone

Google Continuous Scroll – What does it mean for your website?

For years, digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) centralized around the fact that your website must show ...
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"Basic SEO Terms" two papers with graphs and SEO terms on them

Basic SEO Terms

Maybe you’ve heard of SEO before and want to learn more, or maybe you’re not sure what SEO ...
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Text "How To Make Your Business Card Stand Out" with colorfull business cards as background

How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Business card design can be challenging. To make this process less challenging, here are some tips to make ...
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Text "How Search Engines Really Work" with person scrolling on a laptop computer

How Search Engines Really Work

As a business owner, you want to rank the highest in Google and bring in the most business. ...
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Text "Facebook for Small Business" with thumbs up square icons

Facebook for Small Business

We know how much of an influence Facebook has on social media. It’s one of the most popular ...
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Man with marketing globe and text Are You Looking to Succeed?

Are You Looking to Succeed?

Are you looking to succeed? Pinnacle Marketing Group is a full-service marketing company that works to help businesses ...
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turning leads into sales blog post graphic with magnet pulling in people icons

Turning Leads Into Sales

Let’s face it, turning leads into sales isn’t an easy task. It takes hard work, dedication, and a ...
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Don't be Fooled: Three Common Website Phishing Scams blog photo with cyber criminal on computer

Don’t Be Fooled: Three Common Website Phishing Scams

Don't get fooled by common phishing scams. We frequently get asked by clients “Is this a scam?” The ...
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computer screen with horn spraying multi media icons out and text Do You Have a Winning Website

Do You Have a Winning Website?

A business website is one of the most important tools you can have. With so many consumers turning ...
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Red help wanted sign sitting in the window of a business shop window. Reevaluating the hiring process posted at the bottom of the image.

Reevaluating the Hiring Process

As the covid pandemic seemingly slows down, and with restrictions being lifted, many businesses have found themselves desperate ...
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man sitting at a table typing words on a laptop computer

The Power of Words

A single word holds the power to unlock any number of emotions; happy, sad, joyous, anger, curiosity. When ...
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Video cameria setup to record a video in a kitchen with a man explaining what he is going to make

Getting The Most Out of Your Video

As more small businesses turn to websites to help sell their services and products, it’s even more important ...
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man putting puzzle together reflecting a marketing plan

Creating A Marketing Plan

Knowing the right marketing steps for your specific business can be a frustrating and time-consuming thing. What do ...
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quotation marks sitting in a speech bubble hanging from a string with an orange background. showing the importance of testimonials

The Importance of Testimonials

We all read testimonials. Whether you’re shopping on Amazon, looking for a hotel to stay at during your ...
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women with her hand up to her ear listening to someone

The Art of Listening

We’ve talked about the importance of customer service in previous blog posts, but we can’t stress enough how ...
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lightbulb clicking on to reference the basics of marketing

Marketing Basics

In order to help have a strong connection with your audience, you must have a strong marketing platform. ...
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man pointing to the word "excellence"

Achieving Outstanding Customer Service

We all know that customer service is vital to a company and its reputation. But giving outstanding customer ...
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Young girl wearing a yellow jacket looking at social media on her phone in front of a yellow background

How to Market on Social Media

You want to be able to reach as much of the population as possible when marketing on social ...
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"How to Create Engaging Content"

How to Create Engaging Content

Content may be king, but only good content can reign in the fast-paced world of social media. Social ...
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"Instagram Tools for Businesses"

Instagram Tools for Businesses

When it comes to your business, Instagram can be a game-changer. From construction companies to hair salons, Instagram ...
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"Power of the Business Review"

Power of the Business Review

With the amount of technology giving customers the ability to read and write business reviews, a business must ...
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"Pinterest: Why Your Business Should be Using it"

Pinterest: Why Your Business Should be Using it

When it comes to social media marketing, platforms like Facebook and Instagram seem to rule the game, causing ...
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Branding and advertising: twins of the marketing world blog post with image of dial

Branding and Advertising: Twins of the Marketing World

For the success of any business, companies must consider branding and promoting that branding throughout their advertising. Branding ...
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Google my business blog post with image of woman on computer

Google My Business

Having a digital presence is a necessity in today’s technology driven world. Making sure your business information is ...
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Creating a dynamic e-newsletter blog post

Creating A Dynamic E-Newsletter

Email newsletters are a fantastic way to keep your customers in the know when it comes to events, ...
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Three questions your website homepage should answer blog description with image of a woman on a laptop

3 Questions Your Website Homepage Should Answer

Your website’s homepage is often people’s first impression of your business. When a potential customer is in need ...
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Your marketing experts image with Pinnacle logo

Your Marketing Experts

Marketing is a concept that is growing in leaps and bounds. There are so many different ways to ...
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Mobile friendly websites blog post illustration with an image of a girl on her phone

Mobile-friendly Websites: Why You Need One

So many potential customers are using their mobile devices to search out their next purchase, that if you ...
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Creating the right photos for your website blog description with image of a woman holding a camera

Creating the Right Photos for Your Website

When it comes to your business, having appealing photos on your website is essential. Stock photos are okay, ...
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SEO strategies for 2021 blog post description

SEO Strategies for 2021

Now that we have flipped the calendar to a new year, have you thought about your 2021 SEO ...
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Instagram Marketing for your business - blog header

Instagram: Marketing for Your Business

Did you know that out of all the social media platforms out there, Instagram is the most popular ...
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Importance of video use in marketing blog description with image of a man holding a video camera

Importance of Video Use in Marketing

Videos are a great way to capture the consumer's attention. They have the potential to reach more people, ...
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Important information to have on your website blog description with image of a woman on a laptop

Important Information to Have on Your Website

Creating a website is a huge part of growing your business, and having an online presence can take ...
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5 marketing mistakes businesses make on Facebook blog description with illustration of "like" buttons

5 Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make On Facebook

Facebook is a giant, and by now you probably have an account on this media jammed social platform. ...
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How to gain search engine optimization blog description with image of a woman on a computer

How to Gain Search Engine Optimization for Your Website

To begin, let us discuss what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is. According to the dictionary, SEO is defined ...
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A fresh new look: Logo makeover blog header

A Fresh New Look: Logo Makeover

Freshening up your business logo design helps dust off the cobwebs and get rid of elements that might ...
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Five social media tactics to attract customers blog description with image of a person on a laptop

5 Social Media Tactics to Attract Customers

Social Media marketing is a popular business tool because it has the potential to create and increase customer ...
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Transferring from in-person to virtual sales blog description with image of businessman on a laptop

Transferring from In-Person to Virtual Sales

Many businesses have had to close their doors for an extended period of time due to the pandemic. ...
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Turn online complaints into positives blog description

Turn Online Complaints into Positives

Reviewing a business and its practices has never been easier through the use of social media and business ...
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Apps that can help your business blog description with image of a man at a desk

Apps That Can Bring Your Business Success

Business apps can make quite a difference in your company’s efficiency levels. These apps are truly changing the ...
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How to get customers to return blog description with image of a woman wearing a mask at a retail store

How to Get Customers to Return

We know that COVID-19 has done damage to our local businesses, and many businesses want to know ways ...
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The ins and outs of social media for your business blog description

The Ins and Outs of Social Media for Your Business

As people, we are very curious. We want to know what businesses are like on the inside. Use ...
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Products and your customers blog description with image of a package outside a door

Products and Your Customer

Stay-at-home and social distancing rules are forcing small businesses to rethink how they will continue to provide products ...
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What your small business needs to do blog description

What Your Small Business Needs to Do (During the Coronavirus Pandemic)

We know that the Coronavirus pandemic is causing havoc on small business operations, but there are things your ...
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Five ways to stay connected to customers blog description

5 Ways to Stay Connected with Customers (Through the Coronavirus Outbreak)

Over the last few weeks, our daily lives have seen dramatic shifts. Businesses are seeing less foot traffic ...
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Keeping the doors open blog description

Keeping Your Doors Open, Virtually

With the outbreak of COVID-19, small businesses have been forced to shut their doors for a limited amount ...
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Rank top on Google blog description

Rank Top on Google

Want your business to show up higher on Google search? We can help you to succeed on the ...
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Tips for an engaging recruitment video blog description

Tips for An Engaging Recruitment Video

In the modern world, it can be difficult to fill employment positions. The competition is fierce in this ...
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The customer journey blog description

The Customer Journey

Do you know what your customers want? You are going above and beyond, yet they still go to ...
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Top 5 Design Tips for Websites with graphic of blue pink yellow and purple wires twisting

Top 5 Design Tips for Website UI/UX

Your customers should enjoy the experience of visiting your website as well as being able to access all ...
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Having a mobile friendly site blog description

Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

The use of the smartphone or tablet to look up businesses on the go has drastically exceeded the ...
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Google ad spend: What you need to know blog description

Google Ads – What You Need to Know

Reach more relevant customers within your budget by utilizing Google Ads. As we know, Google is the most ...
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SEO for the holidays blog header

Using SEO For the Holidays

With the holiday’s fast approaching, now is the time to update your SEO efforts to include the holiday ...
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How to read your analytics report blog header

Reading Your Google Analytics Report

If you are a Pinnacle Marketing Group website client, we will set up your Google Analytics account and ...
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Do more with google analytics blog header

Do More with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an ocean of data, giving insight on your website’s performance and search behavior. While most ...
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Google analytics terms to know blog header

8 Google Analytics Terms to Know

Most of us know Google Analytics is a powerful tool for gathering data on website performance. But this ...
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Improving your SEO strategies blog header

Improving Your SEO Strategies

Now that the year is winding down, it’s a great time to take a look at your website ...
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Google analytics blog header

Using Google Analytics for Your Business

If you are looking at improving your website, but aren’t sure where to start, the first step is ...
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What to expect from your marketing provider blog header

What To Expect From A Marketing Provider

There comes a time when you may need a marketing provider to help provide your business with an ...
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How to be the best client ever blog header

How to Be the Best Client

You’ve decided on having a website created or have signed up for social media management with a marketing ...
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Avoiding Facebook Marketing mistakes blog header

Avoiding Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Facebook has become extremely popular as a marketing tool for small businesses. It offers the ability to reach ...
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Marketing on a shoestring budget blog header

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Small businesses may be looking at ways to cut back expenses, but your marketing shouldn’t be one of ...
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What to do with the review blog header

What to do with the Review

So, you’ve asked your customers for reviews, and they’ve started pouring in. You’re averaging 4+ stars, engaging with ...
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Asking for the review blog header

Asking for the review

Asking for business reviews may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are ...
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The do's and don'ts of reviews blog header

The Do’s and Don’ts of Business Reviews

You’re receiving reviews about your business but you’re not sure what to do with them now that you ...
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Staying on top blog header

Staying on Top

Most businesses understand how important marketing is to their growth and success, but are you up to speed ...
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Retaining the loyalty blog header

Retaining the Loyalty

How are some ways you can retain existing customers and strengthen brand loyalty? We’ve come up with 5 ...
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Are you being found blog header

Are You Being Found?

We know how important it is to be found online, but do we take the time to see ...
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10 video posts you can do today blog header

10 Ideas for Video Posts You Can Do Today

Contrary to popular belief, filming a video for your next social media post doesn’t always take a lot ...
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Camera accessories image with photo of videographer John Stewart

Our Favorite Video Accessories (For Smartphones and Cameras)

https://youtu.be/8iBSSHgG8CQ Videographers would be lost without the camera accessories that support their films. From the bags used to ...
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Spicing it up blog header

Spicing It Up: Changing out your digital advertising

Take advantage of online advertising and you will deliver the right message to the right customers. With the ...
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Facebook friends in all places blog header

(Facebook) Friends in All Places

Businesses are turning to Facebook to grow their online presence and by doing so are opening their doors ...
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Technology is changing, so should your ads blog header

Technology is Changing, So Should Your Ads

The current trends in technology reflect the need to have everything right now. Convenience and instant gratification are ...
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Instagram for dummies blog header

#InstagramforDummies: (Instagram best posting practices)

Maintaining your brand is always the most important thing you can do for your business and having that ...
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The business side of Pinterest blog header

The Business Side of Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just about DIY projects and recipe ideas for cooking. It’s about creating a creative community where ...
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Creating eye-catching advertisements blog header

Creating Eye-Catching Ads

When it’s time to advertise in your local telephone directory, or anywhere for that matter, there are some ...
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Remotely yours blog header

Remotely Yours

With the advancement in technology, remote jobs have been growing. Internet and mobile devices allow an employee to ...
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Targeted marketing blog header

Targeted Marketing

We’ve all seen it. You’re bored one day, and you start thinking, “Hmm, maybe I need a new ...
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Consistency is key blog header

Consistency is Key

If you take a look at any well-established brand, you’ll find a few simple things run true when ...
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When luck isn't enough blog header

When Luck Isn’t Enough

March may be the month of luck, but when luck isn't enough you can’t rely on that alone ...
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The wonders of Instagram blog header

The Wonders of Instagram

Social media platforms are all communities and Instagram is one of the faster growing ones. Businesses today should ...
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When to call the plumber blog header

When to Call the Plumber

It’s a Sunday morning. Your toilet is backed up and won’t flush. It’s your day off and all ...
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Top to bottom: from pens to trucks blog header

Top to Bottom: From Pens to Trucks

Have you ever needed to write something down and scramble through your junk drawer until you found that ...
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Top 5 questions to assess your brand blog header

Top 5 Questions to Assess Your Brand

For some organizations, establishing a brand can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. ...
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Putting yourself behind the screen blog header

Video: Putting Yourself Behind the Screen

With the unimaginable amount of online content and advertisements, it’s easy for the message and personality of your ...
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Helping us help you blog header

Helping Us Help You

Every website client at Pinnacle is assigned an Account Manager, but I can honestly say I think a ...
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SEO and social media working together blog header

SEO and Social Media – Working Together

As we know, SEO is vital in helping grow your business in the digital world. But where does ...
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Building your business brand blog header

A Fresh Look: Building Your Business Brand

It’s a new year and a perfect time to take a step back and look at building your ...
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Your how-to guide to google my business Building your business brand blog header

The “How To” Guide for Google My Business

Having a digital presence is a necessity in today’s technology driven world. Making sure your business information is ...
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Your guide to website structure blog header

Your Guide to Website Structure

Good websites are easy to navigate no matter how much information is contained within them. This is because ...
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SEO: Why it's important for small business blog header

SEO: Why it’s Important for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what helps websites get to the top of search results for search engines ...
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Hot font or not blog header

Hot Font or Not?

Choosing fonts is a fun, creative part of design. Here’s some advice especially tailored for good text uses. ...
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SEO terms blog header

SEO Terms Marketers Should Know: The Essentials

SEO Terms Marketers Should Know: The Essentials Navigating the world wide web of SEO can be challenging and ...
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The benefits of content writers blog header

The Benefits of Professional Content Writers

The social media of your business is up and running but you’re lacking content rich material to share ...
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Boosting your post blog header

Boosting Your Post: Why you should do it

You spend many hours creating content for your Facebook page and you want to ensure it’s gaining the ...
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Logos at their best blog header

“Logos At Their Best”

Your business has a logo or some type of signage that helps customers to identify it. Looking for ...
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Email marketing blog header

Email Marketing: How to Use It

Email Marketing can be one of the biggest assets for any business, large and small alike. Although there ...
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Learning the ropes blog header

Social Media: Learning the Ropes

Social Media can be a great tool for marketing your business. It’s important to educate yourself and learning ...
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The color effect blog header

The Color Effect

Did you know that color can affect our emotions? That’s why specific colors are used (and not used) ...
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Making a statement with advertising blog header

Making a Statement with Advertising

When it comes to advertising, making a statement to stand out from the rest of your competition is ...
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Customer reviews: defining improvements blog header

Customer Reviews: Defining Improvements

Did you know that 90% of people will hesitate to make a purchase, online or otherwise if there ...
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Filming video for beginners blog header

Filming Video for Beginners

You’re looking to showcase your business with video and want to make it yourself. We’re here to share ...
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Tips From Small Business Owners with a lightbulb laying on a wooded background

Tips from Small Business Owners

Starting up your small business can be exciting and even a little scary. The one thing you shouldn’t ...
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seasonal businesses: reminding us you're open blog header

Seasonal Businesses: Reminding Us You’re Open

The winter was long and brutal, but now the sun is out, flowers are blooming, and you are ...
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Photography tips blog header

Photography Tips

You don’t have to be a pro to take great photos. The smartphone in your pocket has a ...
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Eco-friendly marketing blog header

“Eco-Friendly Marketing”

Whether you’ve been running an eco-friendly business for years or are just getting started, take advantage of promoting ...
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Websites: flash or substance blog header

Websites: Flash or Substance?

Need a website? Are you tempted to try one of those template-based website builders such as WordPress or ...
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Pinnacle Marketing Group employees wearing PMG apparel

Your Brand Advocates

Branding your business takes an incredible amount of time and energy, but is essential to give your business ...
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What are long tail keywords blog header

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

In a typical conversation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, two terms you will hear often are “keyword” ...
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Cross-promoting: why it's helping small businesses advertise blog header

Cross-Promoting. Why It’s Helping Small Businesses Advertise

Advertising can be a tricky thing. Choosing where and how to spend those dollars can be frustrating and ...
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2 more elements that your website must have blog header

2 More Elements That Your Website Must Have

1. Up-to-date, easy to find contact information At this point, you’ve got your customer hooked. You’ve lured them ...
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2 more elements that your website must have blog header

2 More Elements That Your Website Must Have

1. Up-to-date, easy to find contact information At this point, you’ve got your customer hooked. You’ve lured them ...
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News & Events

Pinnacle Marketing Group More Than Doubles Website Customer Base

­­­April 13, 2020: Pinnacle Marketing Group, a full-service marketing company headquartered in Bemidji, MN, has announced two acquisitions that will more than double their website customer base. The first purchase ...
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COVID-19 Update

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Pinnacle Marketing Group has been closely monitoring the recent developments regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). As your business continues to face the various challenges associated with the ...
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Pinnacle Marketing Group Acquires Hanson Directory Service

­­­Pinnacle Marketing Group, a Bemidji, MN based marketing company, has announced their acquisition of Hanson Directory Service (HDS) from DirecTech, LLC of Chicago, IL. The purchase of HDS will include ...
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