Not All Website Forms Are Created Equal

Website forms are an integral facet of a modern website and have become far more than just a quick inquiry tool. They create more opportunities for user engagement, aid in turning users into conversions, and can help facilitate complex functions. From simple contact forms to intricate purchase forms, leveraging these tools can help you in a variety of ways!

Common Types of Website Forms

Contact Form

The most prevalent and, typically, easiest form to utilize within a website. This form allows users to send messages directly to the business or owner of the website and is a great way to get quick inquiries, service requests, etc.

Lead Capture Form

These forms are used to collect user info for marketing purposes. If done correctly, this type of form can allow a business to sculpt the buyer journey, move users through the sales funnel, and nurture a lead into a customer.

Registration Form

Does your website offer member-only content? Utilizing a registration form on your website makes user creation efficient and houses all the necessary information all in one place. These forms can be tailored to fit a wide array of membership types and can even auto-bill annual membership fees if necessary.

Feedback Form

Gathering and portraying feedback from customers is a great way to garner a sense of authenticity within your website and helps develop a relationship with those users. This form is a simple way for customers to submit their thoughts and photos of your product/service to you and your website.

Tips for Creating Effective Website Forms

One of the most important aspects to continually consider while creating website forms is user experience. The last thing you want is to create a form that is confusing, overwhelming, or even invasive. Having a well thought, clean, and organized form will make a huge difference when it comes to the ratio of views to submissions. When deciding what fields to incorporate within your form, think only of the information you need, and leave out what isn’t relevant to the objective of the form. Finally, thank users for their submissions. Having a confirmation message notifying the user their submission was successful and thanking them is a great way to show your appreciation!

Well built, user focused website forms can make all the difference when it comes to user interaction and conversions. With such a wide variety of uses, it is easier than ever to integrate them throughout your website. We at Pinnacle Marketing Group utilize a versatile form builder for all our clients’ websites. This makes form building precise and easy with a wide array of settings and options to help us tailor each form to its specific function. Not only do we offer different software plugins to allow for more field options on the forms, but we have several different payment gateway options to allow for payments through any form. Interested in starting a new website project? Contact us today to get started.